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Sky charges streaming viewers to skip ads

December 5, 2022

Sky is now charging Sky Go and Sky Stream viewers in the UK to skip adverts.

Effective immediately, subscribers will have to pay an extra £5 (€5.81) per month on top of their subscription to be able to fast forward through commercial breaks when watching live channels.

A message on the Sky website explains:

With the Ad Skipping TV pack, you’ll be able to fast forward through adverts when using:

  • Live Pause (up to the live broadcast only)
  • Restart (‘Watch from start’)
  • Playlist
  • Sky On Demand

You can also fast forward adverts in the ITVX, STV Player and All4 TV apps.

The Ad Skipping pack doesn’t mean that you won’t see any adverts. It just lets you fast forward through the ads using the relevant remote control buttons and on screen menu for what you’re watching. It doesn’t fast forward ads in:

  • Live TV; or
  • Other TV apps, like YouTube or Spotify.

Ad Skipping has a 31-day rolling contract.

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