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Eutelsat notice to shareholders

December 6, 2022

By Chris Forrester

Eutelsat is offering its shareholders an option, but a decision has to be made before December 9th.

Shareholders have two options: They can do nothing and still receive Eutelsat’s annual dividend of €0.93 per share. The alternative is to elect to receive their dividend payment in the form of new shares.

“Shareholders who have not exercised their option by 9 December 2022 at the latest, will receive their dividend in full in cash,” says Eutelsat.

The issue of new shares will be priced at €7.27 per share, which corresponds to 90 per cent of the average of the opening prices quoted for the twenty trading days preceding the day of the AGM, less the net amount of the dividend, the price being rounded up, if necessary, to the nearest euro cent.

The new shares will be admitted to the Euronext Paris bourse on December 16th.

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