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Jamie Oliver partners with AI dubbing firm

December 6, 2022

The Jamie Oliver Group has announced its partnership with artificial intelligence start-up, Papercup to localise Jamie Oliver’s high-performing YouTube content for Spanish, German and Brazilian Portuguese-speaking audiences.

The partnership intends to bring Jamie Oliver’s content to people around the globe on newly created Spanish and German YouTube channels. Brazilian audiences, who are already able to access Jamie Oliver videos in their language, will see content on the existing channel expanded over the coming months.

Founded in 2017, Papercup offers an AI and machine learning-based system that localizes videos into other languages using synthetic voices with real emotional depth. AI dubbed videos produced by Papercup have already reached over 300 million people in non-English speaking territories.

After sharing the original content with Papercup, customers receive a new version, complete with a human sounding voice over checked by a professional translator.

By deploying its bespoke systems to create expressive synthetic voices specifically suited for video, Papercup generates engaging translated content that outperforms subtitled offerings and can be delivered at a scale and price that traditional dubbing struggles to match. These AI tools will allow The Jamie Oliver Group to localise hundreds of hours of content in a high-quality and cost-effective way.

Rich Herd, Head of Video at The Jamie Oliver Group, said: “This is an incredibly exciting partnership that will use cutting edge technology to expand the global reach of Jamie Oliver video food content. To be able to unlock our vast back catalogue of recipes and deliver it to viewers in their local language will help us bring Jamie’s to a whole new fan base.”

Jesse Shemen, CEO of Papercup, added: “At Papercup, our mission is to make the world’s videos watchable in any language. The market for food is universal, which is why I’m excited to see Jamie’s iconic recipes and cooking videos spread across the globe with our AI dubbing tool.”

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