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Elisa Estonia selects 3SS solutions

December 12, 2022

3 Screen Solutions (3SS), a provider of software solutions for set-tox box (STB), smart TV and multiscreen digital entertainment, announces that Estonian multiservice provider Elisa has gone live with two new apps which deliver next-generation entertainment service Elisa Elamus on smart TVs.

Now owners of Samsung and LG smart TVs can enjoy Elisa’s rich array of content in a seamless and intuitive user experience (UX), powered by 3SS’ multiple award winning 3Ready product platform.

Elisa launched next-generation hybrid super-aggregated Elisa Elamus last year. After being appointed prime integrator in 2019, 3SS delivered a fully branded, intuitive, and feature-rich UI/UX with a seamless, unified experience for viewing on a remarkably wide range of devices: STB, Web, Android TV sets, as well as Android and iOS mobile phones and tablets. Elisa Elamus is available on DVB-C (cable), DVB-T (terrestrial) and IPTV/OTT. 3SS-engineered apps for Samsung Tizen and LG webOS smart TVs are now also live, offering even more flexibility, convenience and choice for customers.

The new apps for smart TVs offer live TV, catchup, recordings, EPG, mini EPG, search and discovery. Also included is Elisa’s Huub SVOD offering.

“The goal of meeting the needs and expectations of our customers drives everything we do,” said Kertu Popp, Head of Elisa Estonia’s entertainment services. “After launching the new Elisa Elamus service last year, customers’ interest in smart TV apps has been high. We are glad to announce that starting this month many of our customers can enjoy the best TV service in Estonia with the best domestic streaming solution Elisa Huub without the need for a set-top box,” she added.

“Together with our trusted partner 3SS, we aim to deliver world-class design, development and engineering to our customers. Elisa Elamus can bring our advanced entertainment UX to even more people, wherever they are, on any device they select,” she added.

Elisa can manage all its apps and devices with a high degree of efficiency thanks to 3Ready Control Center, the powerful highly automated cross-device UX management system, deployed at Elisa in 2021. The wide range of Elisa Elamus apps can be managed in a unified, operationally efficient way with 3Ready Control Center. Furthermore, content can be curated in real-time, embracing all device apps simultaneously, all from a single location.

3Ready Control Center provides real-time control over presentation of content, features and branding of all apps from one unified location. Elisa can efficiently A/B test, and dynamically adapt and improve Elisa Elamus based on feedback. So the user experience is always optimized and subscribers benefit from a seamless and engaging 3Ready-powered UX harmonised across all their devices.

“Elisa is all about delivering its customers the very best quality, with maximum choice and flexibility, and we’re extremely proud of our partnership,” said Kai-Christian Borchers, Managing Director of 3SS. “In now enabling superior and consistent Elisa Elamus experiences on smart TVs, rounding out its already exceptional multi-device reach, Elisa has achieved a major milestone, and stands as a shining example of putting customers first,” he added.

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