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China uses floating platform to launch 14 satellites

December 13, 2022

By Chris Forrester

China has used a mobile sea platform based in the Yellow Sea to launch 14 satellites into orbit.

The rocket (named Jielong-3, or ‘Smart Dragon-3’) lifted off on December 9th from the Tai Rui modified barge in the Yellow Sea.

The mission carried eight satellites built by Changguang Satellite Technology, which concentrates on remote sensing, and two craft also reported to be adaptable to remote sensing, communications or navigation requirements.

Also manifested on the rocket were the Fengtai Shaonian-2 (CAS-5A) satellite, Head-2H, the Golden Bauhinia-1 05 and 06 satellites, Tianqi-07, and Torch-1, a first life science experiment satellite for private firm Rocket Pi.

The four-stage was developed by China Rocket.

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