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Monetise OTT live events with Enensys’ CubeAgent Broadband

December 15, 2022

Enensys Technologies, a provider of media delivery solutions, has announce the new release of its consumer devices agent, CubeAgent Broadband to allow service providers to monetise OTT live events that are efficiently distributed with the best QoS in multicast to the home.When delivering popular live events, Multicast ABR technology allows operators to deliver one unique multicast stream instead of millions of unicast streams and thus solving network overload and ensuring the best quality of experience for millions of viewers. Achieving the highest point of engagement with such a large audience is the perfect opportunity for additional monetisation.The CubeAgent Broadband 2.0 enables targeted advertising with Multicast ABR content, where different segments of the audience can be addressed with different advertising content. The solution is fully compliant with server side ad insertion (SSAI), and is fully transparent to any manifest manipulation processing. With CubeAgent Broadband 2.0, it is now possible to seamlessly switch between live multicast content and targeted advertising content.“In addition to offering efficient video delivery and optimising network resources, Enensys’ Multicast ABR solution is now compliant with the Targeted Advertising ecosystem used in OTT platforms. It allows leveraging highly engaged audiences to generate additional revenues,” said Grégoire Morin, Product Manager at Enensys. “With this solution, network operators are now able to offer additional ad inventories to content providers and advertising sales houses, and thus generating more advertising revenues”.

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