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WTA: Top Teleport Operators of 2022

January 5, 2023

The World Teleport Association (WTA) has published its annual rankings for the Top Teleport Operators of 2022. The annual rankings of companies by revenue and revenue growth are compiled by surveying teleport operators around the world as well as referencing the published results of publicly-held companies.“The past years have been a time of tremendous change in technology, assets on orbit and market needs, together with the continued impact of the pandemic and the Ukraine war,” said executive director Robert Bell. “Agility and the intelligent management of opportunities and risks have become key competitive advantages. Our Top Operators have excelled at all three.”The Global Top 20The Global Top 20 ranks companies based on revenues from all customized communications sources and includes operators of teleports and satellite fleets. In order from largest to smallest, the Global Top 20 of 2022 are:

  1. Intelsat (USA)
  2. SES (Luxembourg)
  3. Eutelsat (France)
  4. Arqiva (UK)
  5. Speedcast (USA)
  6. Telespazio (Italy)
  7. Singtel Satellite (Singapore)
  8. Globecast (France)
  9. Hispasat (Spain)
  10. Telesat (Canada)
  11. Measat Global (Malaysia)
  12. AXESS Networks (Spain)
  13. Media Broadcast Satellite (Germany)
  14. Planetcast Media Services Ltd. (India)
  15. US Electrodynamics Inc. (USA)
  16. Etisalat Satellite (United Arab Emirates)
  17. STN (Slovenia)
  18. Jordan Media City (Jordan)
  19. Vivacom (Bulgaria)
  20. Atlas Space Operations (USA)

The Independent Top 10The Independent Top 10 ranks teleport operators based on revenue from all sources. The list focuses on the independent operators at the core of the business, excluding companies whose primary business is ownership and operation of a satellite fleet or terrestrial network. In order from largest to smallest, the Independent Top 10 of 2022 are:

  1. Arqiva (UK)
  2. Speedcast (USA)
  3. Telespazio (Italy)
  4. Globecast (France)
  5. AXESS Networks (Spain)
  6. Media Broadcast Satellite (Germany)
  7. Planetcast Media Services Ltd. (India)
  8. US Electrodynamics Inc. (USA)
  9. STN (Slovenia)
  10. Jordan Media City (Jordan)

The Fast 10The Fast 10 ranks all teleport-operating companies based on year-over-year revenue growth in their most recent fiscal years. Ranked by revenue growth, the Fast 10 of 2022 are:

  1. Vivacom (Bulgaria)
  2. Media Broadcast Satellite (Germany)
  3. Hispasat (Spain)
  4. Atlas Space Operations (USA)
  5. AXESS Networks (Spain)
  6. Eutelsat (France)
  7. Hughes (USA)
  8. Telespazio (Italy)
  9. Planetcast Media Services Ltd. (India)
  10. Etisalat Satellite (United Arab Emirates)

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