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Samba TV, TCL Smart TV partnership

January 6, 2023

TV technology and content analytics provider Samba TV has entered into a new multi-year research and development (R&D) venture with consumer electronics specialist TCL.

The partnership will lead to the development and deployment of advanced artificial intelligence (AI) and content analytics to TCL TVs and make features of Samba AI, a suite of advanced AI and machine learning (ML) technologies available worldwide.

“From pioneering the first content recognition algorithms in Connected TVs, to innovating the next gen Smart TV experience powered by artificial intelligence, today’s announcement builds on Samba TV’s history of innovation and opens the door to an entirely new and exciting future where advanced AI will become the foundation of the television viewing experience,” said Samba TV CEO and Co-Founder Ashwin Navin. “Together with TCL, we are committed to driving the industry into the future where the living room experience is personal, interactive, and immersive.”

The partnership will accelerate the development of Smart Screen — a next generation viewing experience for consumers with on-screen content information and recommendations, powered by Samba AI and content identification. Samba TV and TCL are unveiling the first version of these capabilities at the Consumer Electronics Show at the Las Vegas Convention.

“TCL is excited to partner with an industry leader like Samba TV that continues to shape the future of television,” declared Shaoyong Zhang, CEO of TCL Electronics. “Together we look forward to building a new generation of connected TV with a more seamless experience for viewers to drive deeper engagement. Samba TV’s transformative AI technology will provide tremendous new capabilities that will both delight the consumer and provide exciting new possibilities for TCL to deliver new experiences and new revenue streams.”

Samba TV’s AI and ML technology intelligently deconstructs the on-screen content in real-time, identifying actors and actresses, brands, and products that appear as well as in-scene music and other viewing recommendations. In addition to content recognition advances, Samba TV and TCL will be unveiling Gesture Control, where viewers can seamlessly interface with the display by simply using hand movements for a more interactive viewing experience. This underlying platform powers an array of new consumer experiences, including Smart Screen, which enables TV owners to receive the benefit of new innovations over the lifetime of the device much like the continuous updates one expects from next generation automobiles that are connected and constantly learning and evolving with more usage data.

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