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BT Sport poll to determine if Manchester is red or blue

January 10, 2023

BT Sport will give fans the opportunity to paint the city of Manchester either United red or City blue, ahead of the highly anticipated Manchester derby on January 14th, exclusively live on BT Sport, with a new interactive campaign.

On January 10th, a social poll on @BTSportFootball will ask fans the question ‘Is Manchester red or blue?’, with the results influencing the digital creative shown in the heart of Manchester. Starting with an even split of red and blue, fans will have the power to change the colour balance of the screen and determine whether Manchester is more United red or City blue. The screen will be updated each day running up to the derby to reflect the latest results of the poll.

After the poll closes at 12.30pm on January 13th, the screen at the Arndale Centre and digital van displays will be updated to reflect the voice of the city, declaring whether Manchester is red or blue for 24 hours before kick-off. At the final whistle, the screens will be updated to display the victor of the fixture for the remainder of the day.

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