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The Safety Catch

January 15, 2023

The Safety Catch  is about one of the most dangerous sports in the world – motorcycle road racing.


In its 115 year history, the Isle of Man TT race alone has claimed over 250 lives. Other races have been almost as deadly. In 2018, 32-year-old William Dunlop was killed while practising for the Skerries 100. His father and his uncle also died during accidents in road races.

The dilemma facing William’s road-racing brother Michael in Nick Snow’s play, set on the eve of a race, is whether he should spare himself and his family from more exposure to deadly danger. He is involved in an intense dialogue with Liam Beckett, his mentor and his late father’s best friend and mechanic. The play is a verbal battle between the two men as they try to understand why they do what they do and why they could not do it. It’s a passionate encounter with an element of black humour, essentially a homage to adventure, ambition and an affirmation of life, with Andrew McCracken as Michael Dunlop and Fra Gunn as Liam Beckett. [Mail on Sunday]

‘Dramatic tension derives from the conflict within Michael: will he… follow his brother, father and uncle on the road to glory and perhaps the grave?’ The Independent

“Fantastic show! I didn’t know what to expect, it portrays the sport really well.” Mark Conlin, Ulster Supersport Champion. 


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