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Amdocs announces Subscription Marketplace

January 27, 2023

Amdocs, a provider of software and services to communications and media companies, has announced the availability of its Subscription Marketplace, which expands the breadth of Amdocs MarketONE to include not just entertainment, but a more comprehensive array of digital services. Already, top-tier communications service providers (CSPs) in North America, Asia and Europe, like Virgin Media, are leveraging this marketplace with pre-integrated top tier partners beyond media, including gaming, business applications, storage solutions and more to provide in-demand experiences for their customers.

The desire for richer experiences is growing. For instance, 62% of gamers plan to use popular cloud gaming services like GamePass this year, and 78% would pay at least $10 per month for a combined 5G connection and gaming subscription. Hybrid work and at-home business needs are on the rise. At the same time, the current subscription landscape is changing.

“Subscription fatigue, cost-of-living, and mega bundles from tech giants such as Amazon and Apple are making conditions harder for pureplay providers of paid digital services,” said Guillermo Escofet, Principal Analyst, Entertainment, Omdia. “There is a strong case for services that can provide consumers with single-point access to different subscription services, facilitating login and enablement and disablement of services, as well as discounts on the aggregated price of numerous subscriptions.”

CSPs need to find new ways to make it easier for consumers and enterprises to manage new offerings. While this creates a great opportunity, it also comes with challenges. For instance, time-to-revenue, user experience, optimised costs, scalability, service adoption and quickly partnering with digital vendors recruit, onboard, manage, sell, and market to partners.

As a SaaS-based ecosystem, Subscription Marketplace’s expanded network of pre-integrated digital services, ranging from the future of work, video, gaming, eLearning, sports, retail, security and business, empowers operators to aggregate and monetise partners more than ever. Digital services include the likes of top-tier video and music streaming, business essentials, cloud storage providers and more.

Beyond a wider range of offerings, Subscription Marketplace, together with Amdocs Catalogue, allows CSPs to launch complex bundling options, such as those that combine connectivity with subscription offerings, which consumers are open to exploring. Flexible subscription and payment models, and effective digital identity management, make experiences easier to create and streamline.

Anthony Goonetilleke, Amdocs Group President of Technology and Head of Strategy, said: “As experiences beyond entertainment become more ingrained in our culture, partnerships and new, flexible monetisation approaches that enable a la carte experiences will become increasingly critical. Amdocs’ Subscription Marketplace ensures CSPs are ready for a wide array of experiences consumers and enterprises demand, allowing them to offer new, best-of-breed experiences quickly and easily.”

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