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Truespeed reports prosperous year

February 1, 2023

Truespeed, the UK full fibre broadband provider, reports is achieved record levels of growth during 2022, by expanding its footprint to 60,000 properties, connecting 13,000 customers, hiring over 80 new employees and supporting several community-focused festivals and initiatives.

In 2022, Bath-based Truespeed built to a further 25,000 new properties taking the total cumulative network to over 60,000 properties passed in North Somerset and the South West.

The business also reported an increase in connected customers, reaching over 13,000 customers by end of 2022. This growth is also reflected in the size of the Truespeed team, which has been boosted with regional talent and new hires from local institutions, crossing 225 employees by the end of 2022.

James Lowther, CEO at Truespeed, commented: “2022 was a fantastic year for the business, in terms of setting higher ambitions and increasing the pace of our growth while maintaining high customer satisfaction scores and community engagement across the South West. Our network is growing fast, and our goal is to more than double the number of properties that are ready for service in 2023 and continue investing across the region. To help achieve this, we also plan to take advantage of the first-class talent pool in the South West and will step up hiring.” Looking ahead, Truespeed’s goal is to more than double the size of its current footprint of 60,000 properties, and also double the number of connected customers by end of the year.

Lowther added: “While the stats and figures make for happy reading, they’re only part of our story. We want to build a truly better broadband business by putting our customers and communities at the heart of everything we do […] by freezing our prices during a cost-of-living crisis, by offering free connections to local schools and community centres and by offering much better customer service. This is our promise to the South West”

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