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DZS unveils new Xperience Cloud

February 9, 2023

DZS, a provider of access, optical and cloud-controlled software defined solutions, has expanded its Artificial Intelligence (AI)-enabled Cloud EDGE solutions suite to include a cloud hosted service offering. The new DZS Xperience Cloud is a multi-tenant managed service offering targeting regional and rural communications service providers and fiber overbuilders that want to deliver their subscribers superior WiFi management and service assurance, while enjoying all the cost and risk advantages of a managed service approach.

DZS Xperience Cloud delivers service providers powerful in-home WiFi management and service assurance capabilities from the Subscriber EDGE to the Access EDGE, enabling them to save time and capital and giving them the ability to easily access, monitor and manage the service. The service includes an in-home cybersecurity suite that protects subscribers’ privacy and personal assets across all devices in the home and a feature for generating the required data for stimulus program compliance reporting.

Smaller and regional service providers currently have very limited WiFi management and service assurance options available to them and they are typically offered in the form of closed and proprietary solutions that often do not work with existing installed equipment. These solutions usually require WiFi device and hardware upgrades and lock service providers into financially onerous vendor relationships.

We created DZS Xperience Cloud to extend the same award-winning benefits that our CloudCheck and Expresse products have been delivering to the most demanding tier-1 service providers for years, to regional and local operators in a managed service offering,” said Miguel Alonso, Chief Product Officer, DZS. “DZS Xperience Cloud is a truly open solution that seamlessly interoperates with legacy equipment, and delivers innovative capabilities that are designed to cost-effectively meet smaller service providers’ unique business needs. With our new cloud-based managed service approach, we have significantly enhanced and simplified the delivery of in-home WiFi experience management and AI-enabled service assurance and are proudly giving our service provider customers back the abiility to focus on what they do best – delivering the ultimate subscriber experience and generating new revenue opportunities.”

In addition to the experience quality that DZS Xperience Cloud makes possible, service providers can offer their subscribers a long list of differentiating new services, including:

  • “Shield”: an innovative service that offers subscribers advanced protection against cyber threats and the ability to prevent minors from accessing undesirable content
  • “TruSpeed”: a unique feature, that enables state-of-the-art speed tests and advanced regulatory reporting and self-service troubleshooting capabilities
  • A powerful, re-imagined CloudCheck app that comes with a graphically appealing, intuitive interface and enables subscribers to take more control of their user experience

DZS Xperience Cloud provides operators in-home visibility and analytics plus actionable insights from subscriber and network data through the award-winning DZS CloudCheck in-home WiFi experience management and DZS Expresse access network service assurance solutions. Deploying and operating these industry-leading solutions as a managed service helps rapidly transform today’s Service Providers” into tomorrow’s “Experience Providers”, but without the headaches of enabling and operating the service themselves.

DZS delivers the service and provides access to data and analytics via an easy-to-use graphical dashboard. Customers can choose from an extensive line of DZS Subscriber EDGE gateways and access points, and can offer their subscribers a self-service mobile application to help optimally position in-home equipment, test WiFi speed and signal strength, implement family controls and more.

Alonso added: “DZS Xperience Cloud provides end-to-end visibility, so our customers can benefit from state-of-the art analytics and intelligence while making it easy to manage service assurance and the subscriber experience simultaneously.”

Typical results from DZS Xperience Cloud deployments include:

  • 35% improvement in network quality of experience
  • 35% reduced customer service calls
  • 44% reduction in truck rolls
  • 50% increase in remote issue resolution
  • 80% reduction in number of subscribers experiencing interference
  • 70% reduced subscriber coverage issues
  • 20% increase in customer retention
  • 2 – 4 times increase in Average Revenue Per User (ARPU)

In an industry that has historically been highly proprietary and focused on locking service providers into a single vendor, DZS Xperience Cloud stands out as a disruptively open, end-to-end, cloud-based analytics managed service that spans the diverse equipment found in leading global operators’ networks. DZS Xperience Cloud can be easily combined with the DZS Xtreme Access end-to-end orchestration and automation solution; its marketing-leading Velocity Optical Line Terminal (OLT) portfolio; and the high bandwidth, hardened, long-reach Saber 4400 coherent optical edge transport platform to deliver service providers a complete solution for offering multi-gigabit services.

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