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Data: Over 3m US women joined sportsbook apps in 2022

February 10, 2023

With Massachusetts becoming the latest US state to legalise sportsbook betting ahead of the Super Bowl on February 12th, data has revealed that the surge in sportsbook betting activity on mobile continues to attract new female users at a higher growth rate than men in 2022.

According to real-life smartphone usage data from mobile insights provider GWS, the number of female users who joined sportsbook betting apps grew 45 per cent in 2022 with 3.2 million additional women added. This builds on the 4.6 million female users who joined in 2021. Men also saw a 23 per cent rise in new users with an additional 4.1 million joining in 2022.

The data, which is GWS’ second nationwide study into sportsbook gambling over the last year, draws on insights and survey data gathered and weighted from GWS’ mobile insights and research division. Collecting over 50 million daily data points nationwide from mobile devices as well as bespoke surveys, GWS’ opt-in mobile panel provides a 360-degree view of consumer behaviour and choices on their smartphones.

When looking at specific sportsbook betting apps, GWS found that BetMGM saw the largest percentage jump in women using the app, up 220 per cent with men also up 142 per cent. In terms of actual users, FanDuel saw the most significant rise, with 1.5 million women and 3 million more men joining its app. This comes as the company is set to advertise at this year’s Super Bowl for the first time with former NFL star Rob Gronkowski.

Sportsbook app usage is set to peak during this year’s Super Bowl as the NFL has driven usage throughout the year: daily user rates on sportsbook betting apps rose 33 per cent among women and 69 per cent for men during the recent NFL season compared to off-season (late February through early September 2022).

GWS’ data also shows how activity on sportsbook apps ramped up just before the start of last year’s Super Bowl and then peaked late in the game during the 4th quarter. This is supported by survey data which shows that one in five users (21 per cent) bet in-game most often, with a further 31 per cent saying that they bet on the day. Just over half (54 per cent) of the gamblers noted that betting in-game was more exciting, with a further 31 per cent citing improved odds as the reason for live betting.

The NFL’s continuing dominance in the sportsbook betting space was also reflected in GWS’ study where over three-quarters of gamblers (79 per cent) said that professional football was the sport they most often placed bets on. While the NFL sees the largest surges in sportsbook app usage, sports from other leagues are gaining traction. Over a third of gamblers (40 per cent) said they often bet on professional basketball, with baseball (21 per cent) and hockey (13 per cent) also attracting a strong combined audience of men and women. One in five female gamblers (20 per cent) also noted their preference to bet on women’s professional sports, suggesting the growing female audience may remain active on sportsbooks outside of the NFL season.

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