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Research: Gen Z Brits fatigued by news, social media

February 16, 2023

Data from audience insights platform GWI, reveals that Gen Z has become ‘crisis fatigued’ in their attitude to the world around them.
The research from GWI’s Global Gen Z report, reveals that, despite being known as a climate-conscious generation, young Brits interest in environmental issues has dropped by 19 per cent over the past year, while those interested in news and current events has declined by 23 per cent. In contrast to the 4 in 10 (43 per cent) 16-25 year olds who say that helping the environment is important to them, many appear to be feeling jaded towards green societal issues and fatigued by the bad news cycle.
The data also shows the impact that recent years may have had on Gen Z, with mental health a real concern. 4 in 10 say they’re prone to anxiety, while 22 per cent cite social media as a contributing factor. The study also found that young Brits are less interested in other countries and cultures (down 16 per cent YoY), with a 9 per cent drop in those that say they want to explore the world. It would appear Gen Z are becoming more inward-facing, especially with the fastest-falling character trait among this generation being adventurous (-5 per cent).
As Gen Z grows tired of the current cultural landscape, they’re turning to escapism with a dose of nostalgia. Nearly a third (31 per cent) of Gen Z like to listen to 90s music and half of this age group say they listen to music to ‘escape reality’. With 54 per cent of Gen Z globally also admitting they like the style of vintage clothing, it seems this generation are longing for simpler times, before social media existed.
Chase Buckle, VP of Trends at GWI, commented: “Like everyone, Gen Z have had a lot to contend with in the past few years, with multiple, overlapping global crises. But Gen Z have felt more impacted by many of these crises, especially covid and cost of living […] The usual anxieties of being a young person teamed with a near-constant cycle of alarming news has meant they’re experiencing crisis fatigue”.

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