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Vevo: Rihanna video views up 4x following Super Bowl

February 17, 2023

Vevo has shared viewership lift stats around Rihanna’s music videos following her Super Bowl performance on February 12th.

On Super Bowl Sunday, the halftime performer’s overall catalogue on Vevo saw a 348 per cent lift in viewership (or 4x the average views) compared to the prior 10 Sundays. The following day, she still had a lift in viewership, with a 283 per cent increase compared to prior 10 Mondays.

The Umbrella music video saw the biggest lift in views, with 7x the usual viewership. Diamonds, Rihanna’s most watched music video on Vevo, saw a 327 per cent increase in views the day of the show.

Other top performing Rihanna videos included:

Work featuring Drake

  • 278 per cent average lift views on the day of the show
  • 313 per cent average lift incremental views the day after

Don’t Stop The Music

  • 490 per cent average lift views on the day of the show
  • 297 per cent average lift views the day after

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