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Qmusic’s Samsung and LG TV apps built by TV2Z go live

March 1, 2023

TV2Z has announced that Qmusic’s Samsung and LG Smart TV applications are officially live. With the launch of these new applications, Q Music opens itself up to reach millions of listeners with just the click of a button.

We at TV2Z are excited that these new Smart TV applications are now live for people to enjoy. With this latest launch, millions of users can easily follow and enjoy the captivating collection of music, programmes and channels that Qmusic offers. We look forward to continuing to work with Qmusic in the future,” said Wouter Schreur, co-founder and CEO of TV2Z.

These new Smart TV applications are a new chapter for Qmusic, as people can easily access and enjoy the channels from the comfort of their homes. With a sleek, sophisticated design, TV2Z guarantees that users and listeners will be able to immerse themselves in Q Music’s extensive catalogue of programmes, channels and music.

“The seamless design and functionalities of our services deliver a unique and innovative solution for the client and their needs. A testament to the comprehensive and diverse services we offer and succeed in delivering for our clients,” added Phani Kanth Vooka, Co-founder and CTO of TV2Z.

Mark de Deugd, Marketing Manager at Qmusic, said: “We are very happy that listeners can, from now on, access Qmusic and all our exclusive content through the Smart TV applications developed by TV22. This is a wonderful new step in our cross-media strategy and makes our strong brand future-proof and accessible to an even bigger audience.”

In addition to the newly launched Smart TV applications, TV2Z has also built Qmusic, a Lightning application that will be going live in the near future. TV2Z says it is looking forward to continuing to work with Qmusic.

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