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Hispasat broadband for Spain

March 7, 2023

By Chris Forrester

Madrid-based satellite operator Hispasat has said it will offer broadband to “all towns” in Spain “this year”, after having been granted a provisional contract covering connection services in rural areas, which is expected to rise to definitive supplier.

Hispasat’s download speed will be 100 Mb/s, and which will rise to 200 Mb/s in 2024, according to Hispasat’s CEO Miguel Ángel Panduro. The provisional award as service supplier comes from Spain’s Ministry of Economic Affairs and Digital Transformation Spain is looking to comply with the European Digital Agenda targeted for 2025.

The Hispasat service will have a price of €35 per month. Hispasat will also offer wholesale service supply to national, regional and local operators. “We have agreements with 15 companies for this”, stated Panduro.

Hispasat says it can start its services almost immediately. Hispasat was the only successful for €76.3 million of the management aid of a programme (UNICO) to offer connectivity services with affordable prices to rural areas without coverage.

In another key move Hispasat will start offering broadband connectivity to airline passengers around July or August this year and helped by the launch on February 7th of its major Amazonas Nexus satellite.

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