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Space Business Qualified courses offered at Satellite 2023

March 9, 2023

The new series of online courses and certification testing produced by SSPI, GVF and SatProf will be demonstrated at this year’s Satellite 2023 show at Booth #1657.

The Space Business Qualified (SBQ) courses are used by companies large and small to train employees in the business of space and to retain and attract new talent. The courses are all delivered online, taught through a creative mix of self-paced, interactive tutorials, videos, illustrations, and tests. The SBQ Fundamentals courses are designed to lead to future specialised courses in satellite communications, earth observation, as well as spacecraft and launch. The goal is to give new and advancing staff members a solid, complete, and grounded knowledge of the business of space.

To mark the recently completed release of the SBQ Fundamentals training and certification series in time for Satellite 2023, SBQ will offer an introductory conference discount of 15 per cent off the tuition fee. Members of SSPI and GVF receive an additional discount, which may be combined with the conference discount, along with group discounts.“We are pleased to announce this offer and the final release of the SBQ Fundamentals series.SBQ has been getting excellent traction from industry companies who are looking for tools to enhance competitiveness by developing staff skills and knowledge,” said SatProf Founder Ralph Brooker.The five Fundamentals courses are:1. Fundamentals of Orbits & Getting into Space (SBQ 401)2. Spacecraft Fundamentals (SBQ 402)3. Space Communications Fundamentals (SBQ 403)4. Markets (SBQ 404)5. Finance, Legal & Regulatory (SBQ 405)Students who complete all five Fundamentals courses and pass the final exam will receive an SBQ Fundamentals certification.Brooker added that companies are using SBQ courses to attract new staff, accelerate onboarding, and help their customers become more informed buyers.

The SBQ learning program,e is the product of year-long efforts by SatProf, the leader in educational courses for the industry, in collaboration with the GVF and Space and Satellite Professionals International, the two leading non-profits in the space and satellite communications industry. The organizations collectively have 80 years of combined experience in the industry.

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