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Report: Record broadband equipment spend

March 16, 2023

According to a recently published report from telecommunications, security, networks, and data centre industries market information source Dell’Oro Group, total global revenue for the Broadband Access equipment market increased to $19 billion (€18bn) in 2022, up 17 per cent year-over-year (Y/Y). Spending on PON equipment continues to fuel the overall market, with revenue for PON OLTs (Optical Line Terminals) and ONTs (Optical Network Terminals) reaching $11.7 billion for the year.

“The focus on upgrading and expanding broadband access networks was a clear focus for operators around the world in 2022,” said Jeff Heynen, Vice President with Dell’Oro Group. “We expect broadband to remain a critical area of investment in 2023, as operators expand their footprint and increase the speeds and services they offer subscribers,” he added.

Additional highlights from the 4Q 2022 Broadband Access and Home Networking quarterly report:

  • Total XGS-PON OLT port shipments exceeded 2 million for the year, reaching a total of 2.3 million worldwide.
  • Total cable access concentrator revenue was up 1 per cent Y/Y at $1 billion. Remote PHY devices, Remote OLTs, and Virtual CMTS platforms all recorded significant revenue gains for the year, as cable operators continue to expand their DAA and fibre initiatives.

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