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Whip Media to Power Ad Revenue Reporting for VIZIO’s WatchFree+

March 21, 2023

Whip Media, the leading enterprise software platform and data provider to the world’s largest entertainment organizations, announced on Tuesday it has been selected by VIZIO to help manage and streamline ad revenue reporting for WatchFree+, its free, ad-supported streaming service.

VIZIO, one of the largest TV brands in the U.S. with over 17 million active accounts, powers endless entertainment options for millions of households with content for every genre, including more than 260 channels and over 6,000 movies and shows, all for free on VIZIO WatchFree+.

The rapid growth of WatchFree+ required a new system to scale and efficiently handle the high volume of deals, along with calculations and payments to partners.

VIZIO will leverage Whip Media’s platform to process performance data for ads served to viewers of FAST channels and AVOD on WatchFree+ to efficiently calculate ad revenue royalties for its third-party content partners.

“We’re thrilled to partner with VIZIO, a trailblazing company that has experienced significant growth in the streaming age. Working with Whip Media, VIZIO can now automate the depth and velocity of licensing,” said Vince Muscarella, Whip Media’s vice president of sales.

Muscarella added: “Our partnership will allow VIZIO to streamline financial reporting for their growing library of AVOD and FAST programming on their Connected TV platform. With this new approach, VIZIO can focus on what it does best – deliver high-quality content to its viewers through its WatchFree+ streaming service.”

The new partnership comes at a critical time for the AVOD industry, as more subscription-weary viewers turn to ad-supported streaming services to both limit costs and help find compelling content.

“VIZIO’s partnership with Whip Media comes at a time when the entertainment world continues its shift toward more automated account management,” said Adam Townsend, Chief Financial Officer at VIZIO. “This partnership gives us the ability to quickly scale and process ad revenue data efficiently across a growing list of thousands of titles and for hundreds of content partners.”

Whip Media currently manages performance tracking and revenue management for more than 60% of VOD and EST transactions annually for the largest film studios and distributors across 1,100+ global platforms, and a growing number of FAST/AVOD companies.



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