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Fabric launches Origin Data Service for Content Owners

March 22, 2023

Fabric, the leader in media and entertainment catalogue management, has launched ‘Origin’, a data-service for content owners that delivers all the trailers, clips and value-add content that drive discovery and engagement.

Origin’s catalog of high-quality content is ideally complementary to other major suppliers of metadata, making it an essential addition to the world of entertainment data provision.

Fabric’s Origin data service also delivers up-to-the-minute in-depth platform availability, business insights and trending data, for content owners to assess the competitive landscape for individual titles to help them drive intelligence-led acquisition strategy.

Rob Delf, CEO of Fabric, said: “Entertainment data is an indispensable part of content discovery for customers of media and entertainment companies. We’re launching Origin to provide integrated data services to our customers. Integrated with Fabric Studio, it allows content owners access to a dashboard of rich contextual multimedia assets and entertainment information, bringing them more insight to make informed decisions.”

Key features of Origin include:

  • Trailers and TV previews
  • Value-add content
  • Platform availability data
  • Future releases
  • Business insights and trending data
  • EPG listings
  • Ready-made title carousels and pre-curated thematic collections that drive content discovery and engagement.
  • Third party IDs to prevent record duplication and unify a definitive master set of metadata
  • Games data and footage
  • Celebrities, including profile photos, biographies and trending data
  • Images and artwork

Origin is available as a stand-alone product or bundled with Studio, Fabric’s title management solution that is deployed by several Hollywood studios and Distributors to manage their content metadata catalogues.

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