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Series 2 of Jack Whitehall’s Safe Space on Audible

March 30, 2023

Series 2 of Jack Whitehall’s Safe Space is available now on Audible, the online audiobook and podcast service.

Series 2 sees Whitehall once again throw open to the doors to his Safe Space, a place where people can share their most embarrassing stories and try to feel better about themselves along the way.

Featuring embarrassing stories from newly revealed celebrity guests including Jamie Laing, Mo Gilligan, Laura Whitmore and Joe Thomas, no shameful stone is left unturned, as Whitehall is joined by some of the funniest names in the industry who come bearing all about the moments in their lives that have led to sleepless nights.

This series also features a special episode where listeners take centre stage to share their most embarrassing stories.

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