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Eutelsat 13G now testing signals

April 17, 2023

Shortly, Eutelsat 13G, the operator’s very latest satellite, will be positioned at its ‘home’ location, 13 degrees East, but meanwhile it is being tested near 12 degrees East where reportedly four signals are being transmitted to ensure coverage is as expected.

13G was launched back in November 2022 and in February 2023, its sister craft Eutelsat 13F was in similar test mode but working from 0.4 degrees East.

Once the tests wrap, the two super-sophisticated satellites will be placed at 13 degrees East, Eutelsat’s ‘Hot Bird’ location, and the process of transferring channels and clients from its existing 13B, 13C and 13E satellites will begin. These three craft will be moved to new locations.

The two new satellites promise better reception on smaller dish sizes and even wider footprints. However, their greatest new advantage is a much more resilient signal protection and anti-jamming technology.

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