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RTL AdAlliance, LG Ad Solutions partnership

April 18, 2023

Connected TV (CTV) cross-screen advertising specialist LG Ad Solutions and RTL AdAlliance, RTL Group’s international advertising sales house, have expanded their exclusive partnership to offer a combined CTV buying approach for data-driven CTV ads within the smart interface of LG TV devices across multiple European markets for one year.

After a successful rollout in Italy, the exclusive sales partnership is now extended to Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. Advertisers in these countries can now benefit from LG Ad Solutions’ advanced targeting capabilities and premium CTV native ad inventory that delivers more relevant ad experiences for viewers and optimised media investments for advertisers. Advertisers can reach audience segments based on age groups, socio-demographic data, special interests and more, including cord-cutters who do not have their smart TV connected to linear cable TV. LG Ad Solutions complements the RTL AdAlliance portfolio in a perfect manner as these formats are creating a bridge between traditional TV and on-demand / OTT consumption of content on the biggest screen in the home. All formats are interactive and allow viewers to directly access the advertised products and content.

“Smart TV vendors have proven to be a powerful force on the big screen,” stated Stéphane Coruble, Chief Executive Officer of RTL Ad Alliance. “The comprehensive ad proposition of LG Ad Solutions is a great addition to our attractive TV and connected TV offering. By combining broadcasters and smart TV manufacturers within the same advertising sales ecosystem, we are able to connect the dots between traditional TV and digital TV screen content consumption. The combined offering creates significant advantages for advertisers to target smart TV users based on their usage behaviour.”

“LG Ad Solutions continues to expand internationally, extending our ability to reach more than nine million LG smart TVs across Europe in partnership with RTL AdAlliance,” added Ed Wale, VP, Europe at LG Ad Solutions. “More advertisers in Europe now have access to advanced audience targeting based on proprietary data, premium ad placement on the LG smart TV homescreen, and the ability to optimize media investments across both linear and connected TV spend – all brought to market by a highly specialised local team.”

According to the partners, smart TVs are today’s entry point to any big screen activity at home – including linear TV viewing, streaming, and short form video consumption, and they say that the addition of LG Ad Solutions’ native ads within the LG ecosystem expands the RTL AdAlliance portfolio to give advertisers access to the full smart TV experience – combining LG CTV native ads, linear TV advertising, addressable TV advertising within linear broadcast TV, and connected TV advertising within digital live and on demand streams.

As the exclusive sales partner for LG CTV native ads, RTL AdAlliance will offer the inventory within the LG smart TV ecosystem as part of its larger TV offering. RTL AdAlliance provides LG Ad Solutions with a comprehensive sales infrastructure through a pan-European sales approach with local footprints in key markets.

RTL Ad Alliance will present LG native ads within its portfolio for international advertising campaigns. National media sales in Germany will be handled by Ad Alliance.

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