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Report offers CTV ad fraud insights

April 25, 2023

The Video Advertising  Bureau (VAB)’s report, The Truth About CTV Ad Fraud, examines what constitutes real fraud, how the viewing environment of a platform impacts both consumer and advertiser trust, and how marketers can minimise their exposure to fraudulent practices.

“Real ad fraud is defined by maliciously and intentionally falsifying human engagement, not normal viewing behaviours like falling asleep in front of the TV,” said Jason Wiese, Senior Vice President, Director of Strategic Insights, VAB. “Compared to other digital platforms, fraudulent ad activity is much less likely to occur within the premium environment of CTV [Connected TV] and it doesn’t impact the viewing experience, which enables greater consumer trust of TV advertising.”

Among the report’s insights:

  • There are very limited opportunities overall for fraud to exist within premium, professionally-produced TV content.
  • While CTV can be vulnerable to some ad fraud, estimate ranges are in the millions—$6 million (€5.44m) to $8 million from advertisers each month, and $144 million from publishers in 2021—which is much lower than the billions in non-CTV digital fraud.
  • In contrast to CTV, fraudulent digital ads are costing brands at least $23 billion each year.
  • Like consumers, marketers trust the premium environment of CTV and view it as less vulnerable to fraud than other digital platforms.
  • The quality viewing experience and premium environment creates a distinct trust advantage for TV ads among consumers.
  • It is important for marketers to stay informed, prioritise working with premium platforms and seek solutions to further minimise ad fraud.

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