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Research: Streaming Nordics’ most-watched TV form

April 25, 2023

Findings from omnichannel sell-side advertising company Magnite’s study, The Rise of Streaming TV: An In-Depth Look at How Streaming TV is Evolving in the Nordics, indicate that 78 per cent of TV viewers in the Nordics are watching streaming TV, which comprises television content streamed via the Internet on any device, and that it is now the most-watched form of TV in Denmark, Finland, Norway, and Sweden.

Commissioned specifically for the Nordic market, the research builds upon Magnite’s recent EU5 study and finds that the majority (77 per cent) of TV viewers in the Nordics demonstrate a proclivity toward ad-supported content, while 64 per cent of streamers who pay for an ad-free experience said they would use a new free or reduced-cost ad-based streaming service in the future.

“The way consumers watch television is changing and we completed this study to better understand viewing habits and consumption patterns across the growing streaming audience in the Nordics,” said Natasha Westlund, Head of Nordics at Magnite. “The study findings suggest that ad-supported options will likely be a growth driver of streaming TV in the region as consumers display an acceptance of the value exchange of ads and a preference for ad-supported content. As streaming continues to build momentum, the findings from our in-depth market analyses of each individual country will equip advertisers with the insights they need to actively explore this channel to reach their desired audiences.”

Additional key findings:

  • Ads don’t negatively impact the viewing experience on streaming TV and instead provide a more relevant and personalised environment. 67 per cent of those who only watch ad-supported streaming and no other form of TV said they are satisfied with the amount of ads they see.
  • Streaming TV is watched for longer periods each day than social video and garners greater trust than social media, making it a more impactful environment for advertisers. 77 per cent of ad-supported streamers trust ads on TV while only 39 per cent of social media users trust ads on social media.
  • Exposure to brands across multiple devices strengthens purchasing intent. 72 per cent of ad-supported streamers are more likely to make a purchase from a brand that they engaged with across multiple devices.

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