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InfoSum partners with Samsung Ads

April 26, 2023

InfoSum, the data collaboration platform, has announced an agreement with Samsung Ads, a provider of advanced TV advertising, to create a clean room solution utilising InfoSum’s technology. The partnership will further Samsung’s commitment to privacy by enabling Samsung Ads clients to match and activate audiences in InfoSum’s privacy-first environment.

Data clean rooms continue to be an emerging and integral piece of tech stacks. InfoSum’s Secure Data Clean Room will bolster Samsung’s Onboarding Partner Programme launched in 2021 which offers advertisers the ability to plan and activate TV campaigns leveraging their first-party data.

Samsung Ads’ advertising partners will now have the ability to match against Samsung’s Smart TV footprint, as well as through Samsung DSP, all while continuing to maintain full control over their data. InfoSum applies privacy controls and differential privacy techniques and utilises its ‘non-movement of data’ approach to prioritise consumer privacy at every stage, allowing each stakeholder to keep their own first-party data separate and under their complete control. Samsung Ads will be able to match and activate the data – with or without enrichment – in a privacy-first manner.

“With more brands building out their own first-party data programmes, marketers will be able to utilise Samsung Ads’ clean room to deliver targetable and measurable ad campaigns, and gain insights about linear and streaming TV viewing, based on the marketers’ own view of their consumers,” said Justin Evans, Global Head of Analytics & Insights. “This partnership is the perfect marriage of our two privacy-forward brands and just the beginning of the data clean room strategy that Samsung Ads will continue to expand in 2023.”

“InfoSum is thrilled to support Samsung Ads in its data strategy as they capitalise on their role as the leader in the Smart TV industry. InfoSum’s data clean rooms and ‘non-movement of data’ technology not only prioritises consumer privacy, it enhances it,” added Brian Lesser, Chairman and CEO at InfoSum. “Smart TVs have some of the most robust first-party data, and our clients can now match with the leader in the category, and the number one smart TV manufacturer in the world.”

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