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Hispasat’s Amazonas Nexus to enter into service

May 4, 2023

Hispasat’s new satellite has completed the necessary ground infrastructure for its entry into service in the middle of this year. Amazonas Nexus is specially designed to offer high quality connectivity for air and maritime mobility services and will effectively contribute to reduce the digital gap in Latin America in an efficient way.

Hispasat has reached several agreements that allow completion of the necessary infrastructure for the entry into service of the Amazonas Nexus, which was launched into space on February 6th from Cape Canaveral.

The company has contracted Isotropic to build two gateways in the US, one in the state of Nebraska and the other in New Mexico. The Amazonas Nexus ground segment will also be reinforced with the start-up of a third gateway at the INTA facilities in Gran Canaria. These three gateways, designed and developed by Hispasat, are in addition to the one already deployed at the teleport of Hispamar (the Group’s subsidiary in Brazil) in Rio de Janeiro. Thanks to these deployments, which will be operational next July, the company will be able to provide uplink and housing services to those customers interested in leasing space capacity on this satellite to operate it with their own baseband equipment.

Hispasat will also provide a wholesale managed service over the Amazonas Nexus coverage. To do so, it will operate Gilat’s SkyEdge IV platform, designed specifically for satellites such as this one. This platform will enable Hispasat to provide its customers with the required connectivity wherever its needed for air and maritime mobility services, cellular backhaul of 4G and 5G networks, corporate broadband internet access or government communications.

The Amazonas Nexus will cover the entire American continent, Greenland and the northern and southern Atlantic corridors.

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