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Cloud Import by Seagate Lyve Mobile Services available in UK

May 10, 2023

Seagate Technology Holdings, a specialist in data storage infrastructure solutions, has announced the UK launch of its cloud import service at the Media Production and Technology Show. As part of Lyve data transfer solutions, customers can add cloud import services when ordering their Lyve Mobile device.  That data transfer device is then sent to our Seagate data center locations for a secure upload into the cloud destination of their choice.  

With the addition of the UK, the European service now has expanded to include data center ingest locations in Amsterdam, Stockholm, Frankfurt and Barcelona.  This will enable Lyve Mobile customers, from the worlds of media and entertainment and beyond, to accelerate large data transfers from remote locations to the cloud destination of their choice.  The current cloud destination options available include Amazon S3, Google Cloud Platform, Microsoft Azure, IBM Cloud Object Storage, OVHcloud, Wasabi and Lyve Cloud. 

Seagate’s new service provides seamless data capture, transfer, and import for camera to cloud workflows. The data transfer devices can be delivered just in time and once a customer has completed their data capture, Seagate takes care of data logistics ensuring the device is transported to the nearest ingest location and uploaded to the customer’s cloud.  This seamless data transfer is secure and hassle-free with end-end visibility until the service is completed.  Moving large data sets can be challenging particularly when shooting remotely and with the growth in virtual post-production, companies need to move the raw footage as quickly as possible while meeting deadlines and managing budget. By simply adding this Lyve Mobile Services feature to their Project Plan, customers will significantly accelerate their data ingestion from the field to any major public clouds. 

“Several years ago, we started an amazing project with Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney called Welcome to Wrexham, a docuseries tracking the highs and lows of the third oldest professional football club in the world”, says Dan Gordish, Director of Technical Services at Boardwalk Pictures. “While our postproduction team is based in Los Angeles, our raw footage was in Wales where we shot several football matches of around 20 terabytes each. We urgently needed to get footage over to LA, but the total season in its original format produced 700 terabytes of data. It was a huge challenge, but cloud import and Lyve Mobile data transfer services from the UK to the US made it easy. All this was managed from the single portal; we simply added a shipping address, and the back end was figured out by Seagate wizards”. 

Melyssa Banda, Vice President of Lyve Solutions, commented: “We strive to make complex data workflows and data logistics simple for a diverse set of customers and use cases.  Seagate’s Lyve Mobile solution focuses on the first mile of data and where large data sets at the edge are captured and collected.  This enhanced service offering helps customers to quickly and cost effectively move that data to an environment they can edit or process.  “Welcome to Wrexham” was a project that demonstrated the unique capabilities of the Lyve Mobile data transfer solution.  We are proud of our transformational work with Boardwalk Pictures.” 

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