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Research: Norwegians paying more than ever for TV

May 11, 2023

This spring, households in Norway are paying an average of NOK 602 (€52.24) per month for TV and streaming content. according to Mediavision’s latest analysis of the Norwegian media market. It means that household spend on TV and streaming has grown 3 per cent, compared to the same period last year.

Above all, what drives the paid market today is the appetite for SVoD services. In the last year, households have acquired more streaming subscriptions, which is the explanation behind the growth, rather than general price increases suggests Mediavision.

It is also clear that the streaming market in Norway, as in the rest of the Nordic, is increasingly driven by operators’ bundles. Today, Norway holds the Nordic record in average number of SVoD subscriptions per household, and there are no signs of growth slowing down in the coming months. Mediavision’s analysis of the Norwegian media market shows the opposite: many households intend to acquire even more services.

If the households’ plans to cancel (churn) are combined with the plans to take on new subscriptions (acquisition), the result is continued growth over the next 12-month period. This is despite a generally weakened household economy with increased interest rates and general inflation.

In total, 70 per cent of Norwegian households currently have a paid streaming service and, on average, a streaming household pays for 2.6 services. Netflix has the most customers, followed by TV2 Play.

“Households’ appetite for media, and in particular streaming, remains high,” says Fredrik Liljeqvist, senior analyst at Mediavision. “We see this in all the Nordic countries, but households in Norway remain at the top. It is also important to point out that the growth in spend is the result of a higher demand from more households and for more services, so not driven by increased prices (yet).”

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