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YouTube rolling out unskippable 30 sec ads

May 19, 2023

YouTube is replacing the two 15-second ads that viewers currently see prior to watching a video with one 30-second ad that is unskippable  – unless users pay for a $120 (€111) ad-free Premium tier.

The new ads will only apply to those watching on connected TVs (i.e., not mobile viewing), and be shown before top-performing content. The option will be available through YouTube Select, a targeting option open to eligible clients who want to reach the audiences of the video sharing portal’s most popular channels.

In a blog post, YouTube said: “More and more advertisers are eager to respond to these shifts in viewership, and reach the largest streaming audience. So we’re excited to share two announcements in YouTube’s streaming offering. First, we’re bringing 30 second non-skips to YouTube Select on CTV. We know that running longer-form creative on the big screen aligns with your objectives, and allows for richer storytelling. YouTube Select is now landing over 70 per cent of impressions on the TV screen, so we’re making it easier for you to use existing assets in front of the most-streamed content. This format also seamlessly fits into what viewers already expect and experience on the big screen. Instead of seeing two :15 ads consecutively, they’ll see one :30 ad.”

“Next, we’re bringing new Pause experiences to CTV, so you can drive awareness or action by owning that unique interactive moment when people pause a video. This is seamless for viewers and allows them to learn more about your brand,” added the blog.

An execution date for the new ad system has yet to be announced.

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