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ICASA opens up 6GHz band for WiFi

May 25, 2023

By Chris Forrester

South Africa’s media and communications regulator, ICASA, has allocated a large slice of the nation’s 6GHz ban for WiFi usage. ICASA’s intention is to help current wireless ISPs that use unregulated spectrum to offer licensed Internet services into businesses and homes, while home users should benefit from improved throughput over their home networks – provided they have an up-to-date router that supports 6 GHz frequencies.

ICASA says that it has published its amendment of the radio frequency spectrum regulations of 2015, and will open the lower part of the 6GHz band for WiFi. The frequencies in question range from 5.925GHz to 6.425GHz.

“This additional spectrum can support more simultaneous connections, offers reduced latency, delivers faster data speeds and results in less interference, especially in potential congested high-density areas and campus environments,” ICASA stated.

“Overall, the implementation of the lower 6GHz frequency band is expected to provide significant improvements, more robust and reliable wireless communications, and an enhanced user experience for both the consumers and businesses throughout the country,” the regulator added.

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