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New sports FAST channel launching for IP FAMBA

May 30, 2023

Recognising and celebrating sports cultural diversity is crucial to creating an all-inclusive and peaceful society where everyone feels valued and respected. This is precisely what IP FAMBA aims to achieve through its subsidiaries, IP FAMBA TV. Founded by former NBA Legend turned entrepreneur, Jerome ‘Junk Yard Dog’ Williams, the company promotes ‘Intellectual Property For Athletes Made By Athletes’ with their SEP (Social – Educational – Productivity) platform. By focusing on name image and likeness for athletes, the platform champions multiculturalism through sports entertainment, bridging the gap between cultures with the beauty of diversity.

IP FAMBA showcases sports talk, highlights, original content, fashion, knowledge-based and sports content from different parts of the world, promoting a sense of unity and understanding among its viewers. IP FAMBA is a true reflection of the company’s mission to promote sports diversity, multiculturalism and bridge the gap between cultures through original and authentic sports entertainment.

IP FAMBA has been working with the sports FAST channel FiredUp Network to create and launch the IP FAMBA sports FAST channel. Speaking on the new channel, FiredUp Network CEO Joe Peisich shared: “We’re thrilled to be working with IP FAMBA to launch their sports FAST channel and premium content. Together with IP FAMBA we are about to launch our third sports channel focused on women in sports, and are in discussions with a number of other athletes and associations to help them launch their FAST channels to the market.”

The first features on IP FAMBA TV will include the FAMBA Show, Shooting For Peace, Ballers Garage and Still Ballin’ of Champions Basketball Network, which showcases the highlights, achievements and culture news of all athletes including Black and Afro women athletes, plus more.

IP FAMBA TV features a range of content, including interviews with successful Black and Afro men and women athletes, documentaries, and cultural programmes, all aimed at celebrating the beauty and diversity of Black and Afro culture in sports. Through these two platforms, IP FAMBA aims to empower and promote men and women in all areas of life, from sports to business and beyond.

IP FAMBA TV is made available as a free FAST ad based linear TV streaming channel with technology and distribution partner FAST Channels TV. Within a week of signing the agreement with FAST Channels TV, the channel was built and launched and is already available on over 20 streaming TV platforms including: Mometu, Zoneify, FlixHouse, CarbonTV, Glorystar, MYLO TV, ISGTV, RadiantMedia, Streeme, Grove Street FM, Megogo, and VivaLive.

FAST Channels TV’s CEO, Russell Foy, commented: “We are excited to have more sports and culturally diverse channels like IP FAMBA and FiredUp Network in our lineup, as many of our OTT TV streaming partners are looking for more sports channels to meet the needs of all their audience. No longer is the growing base of FAST content and services restricted to the giant content owners and major telcos/cable companies. Now content owners of any size can get into the rapidly growing FAST streaming TV market. With an ad-based revenue sharing model, we help both content owners create FAST channels and ISP/content owners launch OTT streaming platforms leveraging our white label technology, playout services and content.”

IPF and its subsidiaries aim to promote diversity and inclusion, empowering men and women athletes with ethnic backgrounds and multicultural communities through entertainment and media content. With JYD’s strong leadership, IPF has proven to be a result-getter, education provider and productivity-oriented company that inspires trust and encourages positive change.

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