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Anti-piracy software to tackle AI music infringement

May 31, 2023

By Colin Mann

Software platform TCAT, a subsidiary of digital media content provider One Media, who specialises in the active monetisation of music and video intellectual property rights together with copyright protection technology, has launched a new product to its SaaS portfolio, TCAT Insight.

TCAT Insight is the latest addition to the proprietary suite of TCAT software products that has been designed by its in-house team of technology experts to provide solutions to music rights holders (including One Media) and the creative community arising from music copyright infringement and loss of due income through the illegal activities of others.

The new software’s scanning ability can help music copyright owners to detect copyright infringing tracks, including AI-generated music, by identifying potentially pirated tracks using metadata that are matched using an artist name and track title together with various additional keywords. It can also identify possible covers using a confidence analysis process that incorporates metadata matching and artificial intelligence to analyse lyrics.

“TCAT Insight can be used as a standalone product or alongside our content protection product, TCAT Protect, to further triage possible infringements found via metadata scans,” explains Gareth Waller, CTO at TCAT. “Driven by machine learning, it enables clients to review the potential infringement and respond accordingly. We have had strong interest in the new software capability from both new and existing clients, including small to medium sized record labels who are having to work harder than ever to protect their copyrights from piracy. This is very much an example of AI working for the benefit of the music industry.”

“This new software product is the result of One Media’s multimillion pound investment into TCAT, where the opportunities are growing in this fast-moving music technology environment,” adds Michael Infante, CEO of One Media. “Our impressive team, under the guidance of Gareth Waller, is working hard to anticipate and respond to customer demand and there is a strong pipeline of new additions to the platform that we look forward to announcing over the coming months.”

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