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Study: Vizio Ads drive regional awareness

June 6, 2023

Vizio Ads has released a case study which found that highly selective CTV video can be an advantageous partner in awareness building, particularly when viewed several times. The case study highlights the impact a geo-targeted campaign had for a utility company across key points of interest, like awareness and consideration.

When the utility company recognised a need to build awareness among a very specific audience residing within its service range, it sought out a CTV campaign with Vizio to accomplish this goal. The service provider launched CTV video and Household Connect campaigns with Vizio to understand how the campaign moved the needle among segments of key target audiences.

Vizio Ads found the campaign proved a big awareness driver for homeowners and residents in the service area. Exposure to the media led to significant increases in major performance indicators, including Aided Awareness (+6.8 pts) and Ad Recall (+6.9 pts), indicating the media left a lasting impression on its target audience.

Additionally, the analysis identified how the combination of CTV video and Vizio Household Connect campaigns gathered momentum. Connecting with consumers across these touchpoints led to the largest lifts in upper and lower-funnel metrics compared to the control group. The utility company observed that when residents saw the campaign at least five times, consideration to use the utility company rose 11 points.

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