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Don’t stall, start streaming – discover Cloud Video Kit

June 7, 2023

Stream with ease with a cost-effective, all-in-one tool for video streaming.

Each week, users globally watch about 17 hours of video content (Wyzowl, 2023). Imagine spending two working days watching videos. With such high demand for video, brands are looking for ways to leverage the potential of streaming on their websites or apps. However, transcoding videos, packaging, delivery, and on top of that, protecting the content from illegal distribution is not an easy task. And this is where Polish OTT solution provider Insys VT comes to the rescue, creating a comprehensive video streaming tool – Cloud Video Kit.

Cloud Video Kit is a cost-effective tool with all the necessary features to start video streaming. In its admin panel, you can prepare the video asset for live streaming, process the video into VOD (video on demand) format, record live events and protect it from illegal distribution. Cloud Video Kit harnesses the power of the AWS cloud and AWS Media Services. With this solution, you don’t need a team of trained developers, because the full support is provided. Thanks to the intuitive UX, the video is ready for streaming with just a few clicks!

Stream and engage: enhance your live events!

Cloud Video Kit allows sharing live content to engage the audience in real-time. It supports high-resolution streaming including Ultra HD. Its automatic scaling guarantees reliability and uninterrupted transmissions even during peak viewing periods. Additionally, the platform offers convenient scheduling features, allowing planning and managing live events in advance, even remotely. Whether it’s a one-time event or a recurring series, Cloud Video Kit empowers the necessary tools for successful live streaming.

Unlock the power of VoD

Cloud Video Kit provides a VoD module that simplifies the processing and delivery of videos. This tool makes it easy to transform unprocessed content into high-quality videos suitable for streaming in a player application. Thanks to cloud infrastructure, content is securely stored and easily accessible anywhere.

The service supports a variety of formats and resolutions, allowing users to choose the optimal playback resolution, select HLS or MPEG-DASH output formats, and even a DRM (Digital Right Management) protection. What’s more, the solution gives the opportunity to increase accessibility by seamlessly incorporating subtitles or audio tracks in different languages into your videos.

Capture video for longer with a video recorder

The Cloud Video Kit’s recording module increases the value of live streaming with the option to record live streams, securely storing them in the cloud for convenient download. This feature allows users to capture live content to offer catch-ups, extract highlights and turn live events into VoD content for additional monetisation options. Preview and customise video content in a user-friendly interface, optimising the user experience by eliminating unnecessary playback time.

Don’t let your video content be stolen

In the fast-paced digital landscape, content creators face challenges like unauthorised access, account sharing, and illegal restreaming. Cloud Video Kit offers powerful security features called Cloud DRM and Concurrent Access Protection (CAP) to address these issues and protect your video content.

Cloud DRM prevents illegal downloads, ensuring only authorised users can access and enjoy the videos. Additionally, Cloud DRM prevents unauthorised streaming of live content, maintaining exclusivity.

CAP sets limits on concurrent access, preventing account sharing and exploitation of paid accounts. By defining the maximum number of simultaneous sessions, you can ensure a fair and secure streaming experience for your audience and prevent unauthorised sharing.

Who can use Cloud Video Kit and how can they benefit?

Whether your company requires the full toolkit or just a single module, Cloud Video Kit offers an opportunity to achieve video streaming success across various industries. Below are some of the most common use cases.

● Development companies – gain the ability to use video streaming features without the need for technical expertise.

● Existing website owners – can effortlessly deliver on-demand or live video content.

● Public and cultural institutions – are able to easily schedule and perform live streaming.

● Online agencies – can optimise their offerings by adding video streaming functionality.

● Sports associations – have the opportunity to provide users with an unforgettable experience through live streaming of games, matches and other sports events.

Join Insys VT and its partners AWS and Bitmovin during the Cloud Video Kit – launch event in London

Do you think Cloud Video Kit is the perfect solution for your business and would you like to discuss it or find out more? Would you be ready to jump into the $89-billion-dollar video streaming market? Or perhaps you are interested in building innovative streaming solutions for you or your clients? Join the event led by the AWS, Insys Video Technologies and Bitmovin on June 26 in Amazon UK HQ in London.

Find out how to monetise live and on-demand OTT services, personalise content at scale, and protect your video assets from illegal streaming. And that’s not all – Insys VT and their guests will also be sharing insights on how to apply Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in media & broadcasting.

Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity to learn from the industry experts. You will see how finding the right partner and the right toolkit can help you deploy custom web, mobile, and Smart TV streaming apps – efficiently and fast.

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