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Four bidders for Catalonian OTT

June 8, 2023

From David Del Valle in Madrid

A proposed OTT ‘Netflix style’ service in Catalonian, backed by public broadcaster TV3, is attracting the interest of four TV groups, according to Vozpopuli: Spanish TV company Mediapro; Lavinia, along with Netxtre and Adsmurai; Euskaltel and Tyris; and Agile Content along with Optiva Media and Hiberus are the interested parties.

The four groups are vying for a €30 million contract (€11.2 million in an initial phase) to develop a Catalonian OTT platform, similar to the Netflix model, to offer Catalonian specific content to viewers all around the world.

The public tender will be finalised within two months with plans to launch the project in the last quarter of the year. The platform aims to become an alternative to the dominant OTTs platforms that mainly broadcast in Spanish.

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