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Infillion, Innovid partnership

June 8, 2023

Infillion, an advanced media buying platform, has announced a partnership with Innovid, an independent advertising platform for the delivery, personalisation, and measurement of converged TV across linear, connected TV (CTV) and digital, to together bring simplified creative workflow and expanded publisher reach for Infillion’s award-winning choice-based CTV ad technology.

With this industry-first partnership, CTV publishers that utilise Innovid’s software development kit (SDK) will have seamless access to the choice-based, interactive streaming ads that Infillion pioneered without needing an additional technology integration. Infillion’s TrueX value-exchange ad experiences respect consumers’ time, attention, and privacy as well as provide impactful benefits to all parties in the industry. Consumers get shorter ad breaks, advertisers get exclusive guaranteed attention, and publishers get higher revenue per commercial break.

At the foundation of this partnership is Innovid’s CTV Composer. Within the tool, designers and developers can build interactive and dynamic CTV ad experiences in a matter of hours. Critically, ads developed using Innovid’s CTV Composer are built to communicate with the company’s proprietary SDK, enabling one creative experience to run seamlessly across 25+ connected TV device types. Access to Innovid’s CTV Composer means having the ability to offer advertisers a way to quickly develop engaging, interactive choice-based CTV ads that can run across the breadth of Innovid’s publisher footprint at scale.

“We are happy to partner with Infillion to provide first-to-market Innovid Composer technology that simplifies choice-based CTV ad development and delivery,” said Krista Panoff, Global SVP, Enterprise Development at Innovid. “Innovid’s CTV Composer’s ability to build interactive CTV ads is foundational to enabling this. Unlike desktop and mobile, CTV devices lack video player and tag type standardisation. As such, delivering the same interactive and personalised experiences across the growing streaming space requires the installation of an SDK. Innovid’s CTV Composer is the solution to the industry’s lack of CTV standardisation.”

Research released last month from Innovid has revealed that CTV is now responsible for half of all video ad impressions and continues to grow. Interactive ad formats on CTV, the same research found, drive over 600 per cent more lift in engagement over standard pre-roll video ads, and also outperform the latter with a completion rate of 96.4 per cent.

“Our partnership with Innovid delivers a more frictionless experience for publishers and outstanding engagement for consumers in a category that is often fraught with waning attention,” said Lauri Baker, SVP, Partnerships at Infillion. “Demand for CTV-only TrueX campaigns grew 10X last year as the industry continues to embrace consumer-first ad innovation for streaming audiences. With Innovid, we’re meeting that demand and guaranteeing for advertisers that consumers have not just seen but also interacted with their marketing messages.”

The two companies share a commitment to uncompromising quality and premium experiences that have frequently been recognised with top industry awards and accolades. Innovid was honoured last year in the Digiday Technology Awards as the Best Video Ad Server. Infillion’s in-house creative services have built campaigns that have been honoured by the Webby Awards, Festival of Media, the Creative Media Awards, and the ARF David Ogilvy Awards, and in 2023, Infillion was named Top Agency at the IAC Awards, which honour creative technical development.

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