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5G Americas updates 5G NTN advice

July 21, 2023

By Colin Mann

Satellites can enhance 5G networks by solving coverage and challenging use cases beyond ground-based infrastructure, according to trade body 5G Americas, which has released its Update on 5G Non-Terrestrial Networks, covering  current developments in the growth of partnerships and technologies relating to non-terrestrial network integration with 5G networks, building on a previous whitepaper on this subject.

“Embracing the dynamic potential of 5G, the integration of non-terrestrial elements into wireless cellular networks with 3GPP standards will help unlock unprecedented coverage and open up the possibility of addressing new use cases,” says Chris Pearson, President of 5G Americas.

By mid-2023, Non-terrestrial Networks (NTN) has become a thriving market with diverse technical and commercial strategies. 5G NTN delivers high-speed wireless access to remote areas, utilising satellites on the mobile network’s access side to provide ground users with mobile services.

“Today, the integration of 3GPP smartphones with NTN paves the way for exciting advancements in 5G NTN standards,” suggests Luiz Abud, Head of Emerging Business and Partnerships, Nokia. “These developments within 3GPP hold tremendous potential to amplify the efficiency and capabilities of LEO satellites, presenting a wealth of opportunities for emerging 5G NTN ecosystems. By revolutionising Earth’s communication landscape with unprecedented reliability, these advancements not only bridge the digital divide but also safeguard lives in challenging scenarios while optimising global supply chain systems.”

“The convergence of technological advances and the rise of private space companies has revolutionised the satellite industry, driving down launch costs and enabling the deployment of ‘mega-constellations’ comprising thousands of satellites,” notes Karri Kuoppamaki, Senior Vice President, Network Technology Development and Strategy for T-Mobile Us. “These advanced systems are delivering high-performance broadband access even in remote regions and evolving to support direct communication with existing smartphones. The future of NTN and 5G holds immense promise, as they continue to evolve and synergise, enabling unprecedented connectivity.”


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