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Lynk success for 2-way sat calls

July 27, 2023

By Chris Forrester

Lynk Global has released its claimed ‘first-ever’ video of a series of two-way voice calls between standard-mobile-phones connected via satellite. The video shows multiple voice calls using standard mobile phones connected via Lynk’s existing satellite-cell-towers in orbit.

Charles Miller, CEO and co-founder of Lynk, stated, “Carl Sagan once remarked ‘Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence.’ The video we release today underscores Lynk’s commitment to a higher standard.” Miller continued, “When Lynk completed the first-ever connection from a satellite to a standard phone on Earth in March 2020, we shared video to demonstrate our results to the world. Today we are doing the same for two-way voice calls.”

“Today’s news goes to the heart of our mission to connect everyone, everywhere,” noted Tyghe Speidel, CTO and co-founder at Lynk. “With initial service now underway in Palau for SMS messaging, and with other countries to follow this year, the Lynk team is thrilled to demonstrate voice call capabilities. While we continue to prioritise SMS texting service for our MNO partners in the near term, these initial voice call results highlight advancements in our technology and move us a step closer to delivering on our mission,” he continued.

Lynk’s service has been demonstrated, and is currently being deployed, in more than 20 countries with >30 MNO commercial service contracts covering >50 countries. Lynk’s network, currently providing cell broadcast (emergency) alerts, and two-way SMS messaging, is compatible with every existing mobile phone on the planet. In the future, Lynk will launch voice and mobile broadband services.

There has been some criticism from rivals which say that AST Spacemobile managed a similar task in April 2023 when it linked test calls from Texas to Japan, via satellite.

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