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GK Barry vodcasts tackle online piracy

August 2, 2023

By Colin Mann

A new integrated campaign sees social media star GK Barry star in a three-part vodcast series, A Foot in the Door, to support young creatives trying to break into the film, TV and music industries.

The series will see Barry, with three special guests, go best foot forward into careers in the creative industries in a behind the scenes reveal-all – whilst receiving cheeky pedicures.

The government-backed campaign aims to encourage fans of film, music and TV to value the creative process, support all the people behind the scenes who make the content they love, and Get it Right from a Genuine Site, instead of sourcing from infringing services.

The first episode of A Foot in the Door sees actor Josh Sinclair-Evans, best known for starring in Spider-Man: Far From Home and Sky Cinema’s A Christmas No.1, discuss his experience of breaking through into the film industry.

The campaign was devised by creative comms agency Tin Man on behalf of the creative industries alliance, Creative Content UK (CCUK), for the latest phase of its anti-piracy initiative.

The fully integrated digital campaign backed by industry bodies including the Motion Picture Association (MPA) and British Phonographic Industry (BPI) features the vodcast series at its heart and will be supported with an earned media PR campaign, on Get it Right’s owned social channels and website hosting a raft of useful content, through the talent’s social channels and via a hardworking paid campaign to target the key audience across social platforms.

“The creative industries fascinate me, so I’ve loved getting a peek behind the curtain at the inner workings of the worlds of film, music and TV,” said Barry. “Whilst getting my feet scrubbed and bedecked with various nail art from my guests was LOLs, the series also has so many useful hints and tips for young people trying to get their foot in the door, as well as showing the impact that piracy can have on us all.”

“Whether it’s not maintaining creative control of your own work, to not supporting all the behind the scenes crew that make an amazing film or TV show happen, to the personal risk of getting hacked – the message is simple – don’t be a pirate and Get It Right From A Genuine Site,” she asserted.

“Breaking into the film industry as an actor can be tough,” admitted Sinclair-Evans. “Hopefully, the tips I’ve shared will give people confidence – from finding an agent to making their own self-tapes.”

“It’s hard to imagine just how many hard working people work on a film set from runners to gaffers, catering, wardrobe, post production and a whole lot more. Unfortunately, all these talented people are impacted by piracy. That’s why it’s so important to watch films legally: it’s the best way to show your support and love for a film, but also help to make more in the future,” he added.

“We’re thrilled to share the insights and first hand advice on how to get into the creative industry from talented individuals, and hope this series acts as a useful resource for any young creatives, whilst raising awareness of the consequences of piracy,” declared Sabine Henssler, Vice President, Communications, MPA.

“We all have a choice to get content from genuine sites rather than ones that infringe copyright and deny creators the fair rewards their hard work, talent and creativity deserves. If we don’t use one of the many legal sites, we risk movies and TV shows not being made and songs not being recorded, particularly by young aspiring creators who need that income most and who are the future of our industry,” she warned.

Intellectual property industries, such as film, music, television and computer software, are central to the health and stability of the UK economy. The UK’s creative industry supports around 2.8 million UK jobs each year, contributes about £18 billion (€21bn) in exports around the world and about £10 million per hour to the UK economy.

The new campaign builds on previous Get It Right consumer education initiatives going back to 2015 aiming to demonstrate the positive impact that the industries have on so many and encourage people to support them by sourcing the content they love from safe and genuine sites.

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