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MrBeast announces Stumble Guys coming to PlayStation

August 21, 2023

PlayStation owners can look forward to Stumble Guys soon landing on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5, as confirmed by MrBeast in his latest main channel video.

The exhilarating and socially vibrant world of Stumble Guys known for its high-speed action and infectious energy, is gearing up for its grand debut on consoles. The upcoming release will provide the game’s dedicated and expansive community with fresh new ways to experience thrilling battles alongside friends, and embark on an epic journey to secure their spot as the last ‘Stumbler’ standing.

MrBeast – the world’s most-subscribed creator – recently released his craziest challenge yet in Stumble Guys with the creation of his first playable level. Meticulously crafted by MrBeast himself, alongside the Stumble Guys team, the experience transports players to the famous MrBeast Warehouse, complete with his signature oversized sets and jaw-dropping obstacle courses. This new level is part of a massive ongoing partnership between MrBeast and Stumble Guys with new in-game challenges, characters, interactive features, emotes, animations, and more yet to come.

‘Stumblers’ who play the free in-game MrBeast Olympiad event lasting until August 24th will unlock a new MrBeast Gold Skin.

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