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Eluvio integrates NAGRA NexGuard

September 6, 2023

NAGRA, a Kudelski Group company and independent provider of content protection and media and entertainment solutions, and Blockchain Content Fabric pioneer, Eluvio, have announced the integration of NAGRA NexGuard forensic watermarking to secure playback of TV, films, and other premium video via the Eluvio Content Fabric and complementary Eluvio Media Wallet. This milestone is the industry’s first integration of forensic watermarking into Eluvio’s global blockchain Fabric for premium content distribution.

The Eluvio Content Fabric is an open and decentralized, streaming, content distribution, and storage network built for the third generation Internet. Companies, artists and brands whose premium content distribution initiatives have been powered by Eluvio include FOX Entertainment, Globo, MGM Studios, Microsoft, SONY Pictures, Telstra, Warner Bros. Home Entertainment, WWE, Dolly Parton, and many others. This new forensic watermarking capability completes the Content Fabric’s blockchain-controlled trustless, verifiable, and tamper proof content security capabilities that prove, protect, and secure content distribution from its source to audiences. NAGRA NexGuard Streaming OTT watermarking is applied in the Eluvio Content Fabric as part of an end-to-end trustless content security model and exploits the Fabric’s native, hyper efficient and low latency global streaming pipeline.

“Eluvio is at the vanguard of decentralized, high performance, and secure content delivery for many of the most well-known creators of premium video, and we’re very proud to mark this milestone with them as the first forensic watermarking solution to be integrated into the Eluvio Content Fabric to deliver the critically important element of traceability of content leaks,” said Ken Gerstein, VP Sales, NAGRA Anti-Piracy & NexGuard. “NAGRA is committed to ensuring that our portfolio of security solutions and services can be integrated and brought forward as more media companies start evolving to Web3 and blockchain for premium content distribution.”

“The combination of NAGRA’s forensic watermarking and Eluvio’s Content Fabric sets a new bar for end-to-end content protection for direct video distribution, from publisher to consumer, at scale,” said Michelle Munson, co-founder and CEO of Eluvio. “Already, the Content Fabric protocol ensures on-demand and live video assets are encrypted with traditional and new trustless cryptography for content owners and backed by built-in blockchain contracts and on chain policy that manage and enforce authorization of content playout. Now, thanks to our integration with NAGRA, NexGuard Streaming OTT forensic watermarking can also be applied automatically and dynamically to each output stream and tied to the individual recipient. Indeed, all authorizations and accounting of a content’s life cycle—from audience reporting to rights management to version history—are realizable directly in the Eluvio Content Fabric, recorded in its ledger, provable, and tamper free. We look forward to bringing this joint integration with NAGRA to our customers across the media and entertainment industry.”

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