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IABG Teleport, ABS mark 7th anniversary of partnership

September 18, 2023

IABG Teleport, a provider of satellite communication solutions, and ABS, a global satellite operator, are celebrating the 7th anniversary of their successful and enduring strategic partnership.

Since its inception, the collaboration between IABG Teleport and ABS has fostered innovation, reliability, and growth in the satellite communications industry. Over the past seven years, the partnership has consistently delivered cutting-edge solutions, exceptional services, and groundbreaking achievements that have transformed the way satellite communications is perceived and utilized on a global scale.

Some of the notable accomplishments and developments include:

  • Managed Services on ABS-2 MENA Platform: This platform has provided excellent coverage for the Middle East and North Africa, enabling both fixed and mobile Ku-band solutions in the region. Its stability has been especially valuable for governmental and corporate customers, even in challenging environments.
  • Managed Services on ABS-3A Platform: The addition of the Ku-band platform on ABS-3A has extended the service offering coverage to West African countries. With the combination of ABS and IABG ground infrastructure, this expansion has allowed for improved connectivity and communications options in that region.
  • Dedicated Satellite Communications between Northern Australia and Germany: The collaboration consisted of a secure dedicated communications link between Northern Australia and Germany using ABS-2’s C-band capacity to serve governmental  applications.  

Going forward, various new collaborations are being explored by both parties to serve more customers requiring critical, business and government grade satellite solutions and to further strengthen the partnership for many years to come.

The partnership has been instrumental in revolutionizing satellite communication technologies, setting industry benchmarks, and enhancing the connectivity landscape for customers across various sectors.

“We are delighted to commemorate this significant milestone of our partnership with ABS,” said Frank Bauner, Managing Director at IABG Teleport. “Our collaboration has consistently exemplified the power of synergy, technological innovation, and unwavering commitment to delivering top-notch solutions that exceed customer expectations.”

“ABS is proud to celebrate seven years of a successful collaboration with IABG Teleport,” stated Ramsey Khanfour, Chief Commercial Officer at ABS. “Our combined expertise and ground infrastructure has enabled us to navigate the evolving demands of the industry, increase reach globally, while providing our clients with unmatched services and connectivity options.”

Throughout these seven years, IABG Teleport and ABS have introduced numerous groundbreaking projects, launched advanced satellite solutions, and expanded their global footprint, reinforcing their position as leaders in the satellite communications sector.

As they move forward, IABG Teleport and ABS are excited to continue their journey of innovation, growth, and excellence, further enhancing the capabilities and possibilities of satellite communications technology.

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