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Technetix: “Growth set to continue”

November 13, 2023

technetix, a provider of broadband technology solutions, has reported substantial growth throughout 2023. As the year nears its end, the company reflects on its continued success within the broadband landscape, and says it looks forward to continued, robust growth throughout 2024.  One key contributor to Technetix’ success in 2023 has been highly positive pay off from a number of major investments. In particular, the acquisition of Lindsay Broadband at the end of 2022 further accelerated the growth trend for Technetix. The company continues with a full blending of the Lindsay products adding FTTX, network power and wireless gateways products to the Technetix portfolio, all driving strengthened revenue expansion.  2023 is a boom year for the company in rolling out a number of groundbreaking innovations. In the spring, a field trial of the Direction Neutral Network (DNN) access technology showcased remarkable download speeds of 15 Gbps on an existing cable broadband network – nearly twice the speed of XGS-PON with legacy coax. Setting a new industry standard, it provides a solution that requires just one network touch. This technology went on to scoop Light Reading’s Leading Lights Award in their Most Innovative Cable Technology category in September.  In August, the BTR Diamond Technology Reviews honored Technetix’ revolutionary XFO, a faceplate-only swap for upgrading existing legacy 860 MHz, 1 GHz and 1.2 GHz multitaps to 1.8 GHz capability, with their top score of five diamonds. Furthermore, the energy-saving, smart DC access powering solution, ASP-72, came away with 4.5 diamonds from the awards; and Neuron X, a game-changing AI access network management system, honored with four diamonds.  This triple win from the BTR awards cemented Technetix’ enduring reputation for industry-leading solutions and set the scene for a spectacular SCTE Cable-Tec Expo in Colorado in October. Showcasing these award-winning products, Technetix demonstrated the Neuron X system to an over-subscribed list of delegates. The company was also proud to celebrate their modular DBX amplifier’s tenth anniversary, the first ever smart amplifier used in North America. It was clear at Expo that Technetix had a distinct edge on innovation – an edge they intend to sustain looking ahead. Jan Ariesen, Technetix CTO, said: “2023 is a very good year for us. Our consistent innovation pipeline is paying dividends, both in Europe as well as in North America. We are very much looking forward to continuing our product leadership and revenue growth into 2024.” 

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