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Digital Connectivity Forum publishes sustainable guidance

November 14, 2023

With the growing impact of climate change worldwide and a collective commitment to achieving Net Zero by 2050, the Digital Connectivity Forum (DCF) has published new guidelines for the telecoms sector to reach net zero targets: the Telco SME Net Zero Guidance.

Telecommunications in the UK currently connect 97 per cent of homes and serve 44.6 million customers daily1, playing a pivotal role in our lives. With the increasing impacts of climate change, the sector faces a critical moment in adopting sustainable practices. The Telco SME Net Zero Guidance provides practical solutions for SMEs to reduce their carbon footprint and make a positive impact on the environment, from setting targets and accessing funding, to setting the steps businesses should take – e.g. switching to clean energy and generating renewable energy – to meet such targets.

This guidance is a result of a collaborative effort between the members of the DCF’s Climate & Sustainability Work Group, as well as numerous small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) within the UK telecoms sector. It offers easy-to-follow instructions on calculating a company’s carbon footprint and setting credible carbon reduction goals. By offering valuable insights into funding resources, real-life examples of SMEs turning climate action into business opportunities, and impactful steps for reducing carbon emissions, the guidance equips SMEs with the tools needed to create a sustainable future.

Alex Mather, Head of the Digital Connectivity Forum, said: “The DCF is delighted to launch our new climate guidance for small and medium-sized telecoms enterprises. The UK telecoms sector is a thriving and competitive one, including hundreds of smaller participants. It is therefore essential that all parts of the industry commit to taking action to decarbonise to ensure that the maximum potential impact is realised.”

Will Ennett, Chair of the DCF Climate & Sustainability Work Group, added: “A study last year of UK Small Businesses found that 91 per cent felt overwhelmed and did not know where to start when it came to tackling emissions and creating a robust and sustainable approach to their business. With this in mind the Digital Connectivity Forum’s Climate & Sustainability Work Group targeted SME Engagement as one of their key 2023 workstreams. As a result of this, I am pleased to be launching this Telco SME Net Zero Guidance in collaboration with the DCF’s Work Group and its members. With SMEs representing 99 per cent of UK businesses, they form the engine of the UK economy and will be vital in achieving the UK’s 2050 net zero goals.”

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