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Analysis: Combined Disney+, Hulu would own most popular titles

December 11, 2023

A combined Disney+ and Hulu service will have one-third of the 100 most Popular titles in the US based on data from Ampere Analysis. Ampere’s estimates show that a planned combined app that will bring the services together early in 2024 would have the greatest share of the top 100 most popular titles, putting it behind only Prime Video based on Ampere Popularity data from September 2023.

Combined, the Disney+/Hulu app will offer 9,000 distinct movies and TV seasons, Ampere’s latest title-level analysis of the content offer suggests – even if the approximately 300 Comcast-owned titles are removed from the service. This would position Disney+ and Hulu’s total content offering behind only Prime Video’s 10,892 titles and ahead of Netflix’s 8391 (as of Q3 2023).

Complementary catalogues

Disney+ held 17 of the top 100 performing SVoD titles in the US in Q3 2023, led by its movie library. When combined with Hulu, that figure jumps to 33, giving the joint entity the largest overall share of top titles. In comparison, Netflix has 29 titles and Max 18.

Disney+’s content strategy relies on its strong Children & Family content portfolio and tentpole Sci-Fi & Fantasy releases from major franchises. These would represent 81 per cent of the top 100 most popular titles on the combined platform. Hulu’s content library would complement Disney+’s as it includes popular tiles from genres currently under-served on Disney+, particularly Crime & Thriller, Romance and Horror.

Disney+ already includes some of the Hulu library in non-US markets under the Star banner so that a combined content mix would align with the strategy internationally.

Broadening appeal by joining forces

As of October 2023, Hulu has more subscribers than Disney+ in the US and according to Ampere’s consumer survey, 44 per cent of US Hulu subscribers already have access to Disney+, largely resulting from bundles offering both platforms and ESPN. This provides an opportunity for Disney+ to convert the remaining majority of Hulu subscribers who don’t currently subscribe. Ampere’s consumer survey also shows that 43 per cent of US SVoD users agree with feeling ’overwhelmed’ with the number of services they have access to. With an existing appetite for aggregation among consumers, a combined offering that includes top titles from recognisable IP such as Marvel and Star Wars, and Hulu’s vast content library would deliver a more generalised content offering with wider appeal.

“With a combined app offering Disney+ and Hulu due to launch in the US in early 2024, its compelling new streaming content offer will surely shake up the status quo,” suggests Joshua Rustage, Analyst at Ampere Analysis. “The combined Disney+ and Hulu catalogue will provide one of the most well-rounded and popular offerings in a single platform, upping the content stakes at a time when many are pulling back on content investment. Rivals will have to ensure their offerings remain competitive as the battle for viewing time intensifies, especially as the need to pull in advertising dollars is now also central to the streaming mix.”

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