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3 UK celebrities that advertised gambling – and their favourite aspect of it

January 4, 2024

Celebrities endorsing products and services is a tale as old as the first celebrity. Still, it adds a little something extra when a celebrity endorses a product or service that they seem to legitimately enjoy. This is the case with some UK celebrities and gambling. Many famous people have lent their clout to gambling and betting platforms and services. The glitz and glamour of Las Vegas that is associated with gambling and celebrity is a worldwide phenomenon. Specifically in this article, we will look at the gambling habits of Kerry Katona, Keith Lemon and Ray Winstone.

Of course, you don’t need to be a celebrity to enjoy or partake in gambling. If you would like to enjoy some online gambling action from the comfort of your own home you should visit and make use of the promo and bonus codes that they offer. Even celebrities aren’t above making good use of some tactical bonus codes to boost their playtime, as Digitial Whiskers reveals:

Kerry Katona

Kerry Katona is our first celeb on the list. Katona is a former 2-time member of the successful girl group Atomic Kitten and is unafraid to espouse her enjoyment of gambling. She has lent her name and face to many different gambling brands over the years and has always seemed to enjoy the risk, thrill and excitement that gambling can bring as a leisure activity. These same qualities can be seen throughout her personal life, which she has laid bare in several books.

Katona has spoken about the lure of the unknown and the thrill of chance taking control of a situation that she associates with gambling. She sees gambling as a great way to be entertained and is known to particularly enjoy roulette and card games, as well as bingo.

Keith Lemon

Okay, you got us, Keith Lemon isn’t a real person, but the actor/comedian who created him, Leigh Francis, is. Francis, as Lemon, has endorsed a number of gambling platforms. Typically in his humourous way, he paints gambling as a form of adult entertainment that is best enjoyed with friends. With a bold and over-the-top personality, Lemon claims that gambling adds a little extra spice to life, just like he does.

The typical ad that Lemon appeared in usually involved several other people all enjoying themselves while sitting around a casino table. It is this sort of lively and energetic gathering that Lemon sees in gambling, a communal and social activity, full of energy and brimming with fun.

Ray Winstone

By far the biggest name on our list today, Ray Winstone is a well-known English-Hollywood hardman actor. In many roles across the silver screen, he’s been presented as a tough-as-nails and no-nonsense mobster. Lending this image and his commanding presence to gambling adverts gives them a huge sense of gravitas that many other adverts lack.

For himself, it seems that Winstone enjoys the tactical and strategic aspects of betting. A perfectly played table, a perfectly laid bet, picking just the right moment to lay the bet, these are images that recur in all of his adverts. All of this reinforces that gambling isn’t just a game of chance for Winstone, but that gambling can be about skill and knowledge as well.

Celebrity gambling ads no longer allowed in the UK

While the celebrities we’ve mentioned and many more have been endorsing various forms of gambling for many years, that is no longer the case. New regulatory rules have made it so that celebrities and people deemed influential to young people are banned from being in ads that promote gambling. This is another of the UK’s many steps that are made to protect vulnerable individuals from developing gambling problems.

While this might seem a bad thing, in reality, it’s great. We must recognise that gambling isn’t for everyone and that we treat it as a form of entertainment that should be enjoyed responsibly.

The importance of gambling responsibly

As gambling becomes more popular on the worldwide stage, it is ever more important to make sure that we are treating the time with the respect it deserves. Just like many other forms of entertainment that adults can enjoy, gambling needs to be enjoyed in moderation and with a respectful understanding of the risks involved.

To gamble responsibly, you should set yourself limits, never bet more than you can afford to lose, never chase losses and keep alert for any signs that you might be developing a gambling habit. If gambling is enjoyed responsibly it can be a great source of entertainment.

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