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Design your own MrBeast course in Stumble Guys

January 29, 2024

MrBeast is back in Stumble Guys for the final phase of the first-of-its-kind months-long collaboration, culminating in new MrBeast-themed in-game experiences. Stumblers can experience an all-new Disco Drop course and use a newly customised Stumble Workshop MrBeast Toolkit to create their own MrBeast courses.

The Stumble Workshop MrBeast Toolkit includes beastly levels of creative collaboration, including items from the new elimination-style course, Disco Drop created by MrBeast himself. The course features moving floor tiles and music-coordinated triggers, providing players with everything they need to build their own MrBeast-inspired course for the community to enjoy.

MrBeast kicked off the celebration over the weekend on his YouTube channel. Select content creators and members from the community will also build levels for players to test, play, and vote for their favourites.

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